Welcome to my under construction website!

The reason

So, i decided to build for the first time in my life a personal website. I've been around the internet for a long time now, yet I never even tried getting my hands dirt on trying to build a website.
Even though I know some programming and I definetely have the skills to make one, I've never been much of a creative guy.
And that's a shame, because recently, I've been struggling a lot with this need of being creative and express myself in some way.
I have tried many hobbies in my life, and sadly abandoned all of them, why? I'm not sure, but maybe because I thought i wasn't all that good at it, and maybe I will never be.
This stupid and unfounded thought has probably made me drop passions like playing instruments and music, drawing and painting, and even coding.

Something changed one random day, when i was browsing /g/ out of boredom, and i stumbled upon a cool websites thread. I looked through the websites the anons were sharing, and I got really amazed at how creative and inventive people can be. Even though I already knew a lot of incredible sites exists on the internet, never like that day I've actually took time to explore them and appraciate them deeply. I then shared my feelings on the sites on the thread, saying i would really have loved to make a website like those back in the days, when the internet was not a centralized business-centered land like today.
An anon replied to me: he said, "What the hell are yu talking about? You should make a website right now! Everything I've made since now exists just because i decided to make a website", or something like that.
It opened my eyes. A simple message like that made me realize, it doesn't matter! Just make one! Who's stopping me? It may seems an obvious thing but to me it really wasn't.
I decided i would start building this darn website! And not only that. This is maybe my chance not only to express my repressed creativness, but also to try to give my abandoned hobbies another try.

The outcome

And now my journey begins. I already knew Neocities exited, but just now i found you could browse other people websites! So i started lookig at other people's websites. There is so much imagination being put on those. I admire all the people on this website! I'm getting a lot inspiration looking at Neocities sites, and I'm ammassing ideas for my website.
For now, this page will be some sort of "devlog" of the development. Right now, I'm trying to dust off some of my scarce CSS knowledge, and browsing Neocities websites to get some ideas. I have nothing concrete right now: I am a very meticulous person, so i want to plan as best as I can the website layout, the graphics, the themes and so on. Am i doing this the right way? I don't know. Wel'll see in a few days. I'll try to update this site anyways, with another little blogpost or something. For now this story is all I have.
I can do it! See you next time, if you have read this.

possible to-do list here...

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